Our Story

It has been said that art is often an expression of how we experience the world around us. I make art because it reconnects me with the natural world, inspiring me to make pieces that are reminders of the power and fragility that nature and the rest of the universe holds. Through my work, I also hope to create an opportunity for people to slow down and take a closer look, at not only these small things I have created, but also have an effect on how they observe the world around them. I am fascinated by how all things fit together. Everything is a puzzle, made up of many smaller parts, with each piece holding great power and beauty in and of itself. My respect for nature is in the highest degree, therefore all of the metal I use is reclaimed, completely unmined. I use simple hand tools, soldering techniques, and heat treatments to manipulate and transform this metal into unique pieces of wearable art. It is time to take a deep breath, pause, and observe.

Sometimes a thing in front of you is so big you don't know whether to comprehend it by first getting a dim sense of the whole and then fitting in the pieces, or by adding up the pieces until something calls out what it is.

  -Norman Mclean