Our Story

It has been said that art is often an expression of how we experience the world around us. I make art because it reconnects me with the natural world and the world inside myself.  When I think of our inner worlds, how our spirits are held in our bodies and how the two interact, I see a similar image to a galaxy, how the universe is built, or similarly how a plant is rooted to the ground and how it collects its energy to grow and give life.  What I make are reminders of these reflections that we have with the world around us, big and small. Art school, technical workshops and apprenticeships have given me the variety of skills and perspectives of the craft to create my own unique metalsmithing techniques, which have become the backbone of my work and aesthetic.  Reticulation, patina work and hand fabrication are some of the design elements that I apply to reclaimed precious metals to begin the commentary that I wish to express and explore through this work. I also hope to create an opportunity for people to slow down and take a closer look, at not only these small things I have created, but also have an effect on how they observe the world around them. It is time to take a deep breath, pause, and observe.